"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 3

"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 3

My beloved little children, children of My Heart –

Today it is I, the Father, your Abba, Who speaks to you and Who invited you to spend the day with Me.

Very few think of Me and fewer still give Me their time. They forget that as a Father, the One and True Father, My Heart is especially sensitive to the love of My children.

Little ones, how fettered down I see all of My children – fettered down with their own ideas of Who I am, of what is pleasing to Me, of what it means to be Mine.

I want you to be free of that – to have the full freedom of My children, who love Me simply as a Father is loved.

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"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 2

"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 2

My children, how happy I am to spend this time with you, and how much I am able to do in your souls, even in this brief time :) Let this encourage you :)

Today, My little ones, I wish us to spend it in company with the Most Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love and of Union, the One Who unites trhe Mystery of God – the Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity. And Who unites you to Us. The Bond of Love.

The true Divine Love that proceeding from the Heart of the Father fills and envelops all that is created; and gives life and joy to all. This Divine Love that is the flame at the center of your souls and that I want it to blaze like the furnace of My Heart.

How little this Love is understood – and how many other “fires” are lit in the hearts of My children in place of this Holy and Divine Love, all pure, all joy.

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"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 1

"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat:  Day 1

My little ones, on this day I want you to reflect with Me on the different things that hold your thoughts “captive” with regard to our relationship – 

What are the things that seem to impede our closer union?   Fears; sensing your unworthiness; perfectionism; arrogance; pride everything that puts a barrier between My thoughts and yours. 

It may feel like an avalanche of things, little ones, :) I understand – and I want to relieve you of that weight. 

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