Advent Letter from Fr. JM

I send an Angel before you,
to guard you on the way 
and to bring you to the place 
which I have prepared. Exodus 23: 20 *

An Advent Letter from Fr. John Mary

Dear Friends of the Mission,

In this beautiful season of hope---the Advent that prepares for the coming of our Savior--- I felt that God wished me to speak to you about His Holy Angels. How helpful it is for each of us to realize that the Angels are real and powerful. We can’t see the Angels, most of the time, but they are all around us; so close to us, so vigilant, so important and helpful in our lives, if we call on them!

This time of Advent is a special time for Angels. It was the great Archangel Gabriel who brought the Greatest of Messages to the simple Virgin of Nazareth: Mary, Our Mother of Mercy. It was a Holy Angel who announced this great joy to the poor shepherds of Bethlehem on that Night Divine; and then the shepherds witnessed an immense army of God’s Angels proclaiming: “Glory to God in the Highest....” Imagine witnessing that sky full of Angels!

The Book of Revelations, the great book of hope for God’s children in the many trials we face on earth, is also a Book of Angels. It’s chock full of them. They show us how to adore God. But they also lead us into battle, with St Michael the Archangel at the forefront, aiding and protecting us until the final triumph of the Lord.

Here at the Mission we have sensed the help and presence of the Angels in many ways. And it’s not just our Community members who have sensed their presence. Different individuals have approached us to relate their experiences. One of the most recent occurred last year during Holy Week:

Our choir (the Angelus Choir) was in the Chapel practicing before the Easter Vigil. While she was directing the choir Mother Magdalene saw one of the women obviously distracted and whispering to the person beside her, pointing toward a spot in the rafters. Later she asked the woman about what had happened. The woman paused for a moment and then said, “While we were singing, I saw three Angels up there listening to us.” The inevitable question followed: “What did they look like?” “They were tall; seven or eight feet tall; and shining. They were luminous. have to ask you something; what does ‘Alleluia’ mean?” Mother Magdalene said, “I think it means ‘Praise God.’” The woman smiled; “They liked the Alleluias...”

Very importantly, there is, for each of you, your own Guardian Angel to whom the Lord has personally confided you. But how much they can help us, also depends on us. The more we turn to them, call on them, and obey them, the more they can aid us.

Let me share with you my little homemade prayer to the Holy Angels. It is very short and simple: Holy Angels, help us! I’m not asking them just to intercede for us before God. The Angels are very powerful and they are right here with us. They can help us in very immediate ways, as so many accounts attest. Call on them. Be aware of their presence. They will protect you through whatever is to come. Advent, 2013 A.D. 

newsBr. Mikael