To our friends, from MM

A few years ago Fr. John Mary asked Mother Magdalene to write a little reflection on her experience in MDM for our friends

Years ago – surprised to learn that I had left an established religious Community for a fragile new “start-up” – a visiting Sister asked me, “Were you seeking a simpler way of life?” “No,” I said after thinking for a minute, “I was seeking Jesus.”

In my early forties, after two decades in religious life, and painfully aware of how far away I’d moved from the Lord in my own vocation, I had called out to Him: “I know I’m not a good Religious now. But when I entered I wanted to be. Did the gift of my life mean so little to You that You could simply let it go....”

Soon after that moment several things changed in my life. And I felt that the Lord was bending over me with His Mercy, and granting me the grace to re-consecrate myself to Him.

So I sought His Will for me. And when in the course of my journey my life intersected with the founding of the Mission, I was profoundly grateful to God. Because the Person of Jesus was there; and He continues to be.

No matter what else is right or wrong with our little MDM, no matter what else we do or do not accomplish, we are His; our Mission is His. I know this from the inside out.

Despite all the personal faults, failings, and sins of the individual members, Jesus is at the center of the Mission. Each morning His grace strengthens us for the day to come; and each evening He is a Refuge from the sorrows of the day.  Years ago a Bishop asked me to explain how the Mission of Divine Mercy had begun. Immediately and unforeseen, the journey of the Magicame to my mind; and with it the thought that the small diverse group who made up MDM hadn’t been seeking each other or even necessarily a new Community. But that each of us had been somehow seeking the Lord. And it was because our eyes were on that Star that we collided with each other and formed His Mission.

Over the years we have recognized in all of you who are drawn to this Mission that same yearning and search for Jesus. So often someone arrives at the Mission like a thirsting man at an oasis and seems to collapse here on the Heart of God.

Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

Mother Magdalene

“In the world you will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world.” John 16:33   

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