Homily - Something Happened... God's surprising intervention in History

  • JP2 on Sanhedrin of today
    English April 20th, 1980
    • Over the centuries the Sanhedrin's change which seek to impose silence, abandonment or distortion of this truth. The Sanhedrin's of the contemporary world are many and of all types. The Sanhedrin's are each and every person who rejects divine truth; they are the systems of human thought, of human knowledge; ...they are also the different forms of pressure used by so-called public opinion, mass civilization, media of social communication, which are materialist or secular agnostic or anti-religious; they are, finally, certain contemporary systems of government which-if they do not totally deprive citizens of scope to profess the faith-at least limit that scope in different ways, marginalize believers and turn them into second-class citizens… And against all these modern types of the Sanhedrin of that time, the response of faith is always the same; "we must obey God rather than men"