Br. Daniel's healing

Below is an account written by Brandon Hand (now Br. Daniel) about a healing that he experienced at a recent Encounter With Jesus retreat. 


 Journal Entry 2/13/2016        

Tonight on the Encounter with Jesus retreat, my life was completely changed. This evening we spent time in Eucharistic adoration. Then something I’ve never been a part of took place. Fr. John Mary read out of the Gospel of Mark about the woman who touched His cloak, and she was immediately healed. As Fr. John Mary read this, the Lord said to me, “This is for you,” referring to the Bible verse. I told the Lord that if it be His Will, I would like to be healed. The Lord told me, “No, you will be healed tonight”. I told the Lord whatever He wanted to heal according to His Will He could, and that I believed He could do it. The Lord instead told me that tonight I would be healed. At first I was taken aback by this, but I agreed with the Lord and I told Him that if that was His Will then I believed it would be done. 

When Fr. John Mary invited people to come forward to be blessed with the Monstrance holding the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Lord told me to go last, and to pray for everyone else that they have the Faith to be healed. So as everyone was getting blessed, I went last. In the meantime, as the Lord told me, I prayed for the others that they may be healed. 

Once it was my turn to be blessed, it was just wow. Jesus told me to look directly at Him while being blessed, so I did for as long as I could. In that time frame the Lord told me, "You are healed in both body and soul. Go in peace.” I bowed my head after this, and continued to pray. 

When the blessing was over, I got up and started to return to my seat. As I did so, I noticed my left foot arch was warm and solid. I’ve had a collapsed left arch since my junior year in high school as a result of powerlifting. Now there is a perfect arch where an arch didn’t exist before. That’s miracle #1. Miracle #2 is when I prostrated myself to thank the Lord for my healing, I felt like I was hearing loud annoying sounds out of my right ear. My right ear’s hearing has been damaged since my 8th grade year of middle school. Since that time I couldn’t hear things very well with that ear, everything was always muffled. Now my hearing is crystal clear, and I’m hearing everything! I haven’t left adoration yet, so I’m sure as I go out in the coming days I’ll discover my wrist is healed, my left leg isn’t short anymore, just anything body and soul I know has to be healed. I chose to believe in the Voice of TruthJ. God is GoodJ


Above is the original journal entry I wrote on the evening when I was healed by Our Lord Jesus Christ. I do not want to take away from the above journal entry, because I feel nothing tells the experience better than the original. But what I do want to do is give some updated information on what has happened since.

As mentioned above, I had a flat left arch resulting from powerlifting back in high school. I had been wearing custom orthotics to fix this problem, and instantly after the healing my custom orthotics didn’t fit anymore.

As mentioned above, it’s been hard for me to hear out of my right ear since around my 8th grade year in middle school. I damaged it listening to heavy rock/metal music with the volume turned all the way up. Resulting in muffled hearing that made it hard for me to understand and hear things correctly.

After I walked away from Adoration, I noticed I was walking crooked, in other words walking more to one side. I was born with my left leg being shorter than my right, so my custom orthotics had to be made to make up this height difference. After the healing, I took off the height difference and now walk evenly as if I still had the custom orthotics on. These are the same custom orthotics used to remedy the collapsed left arch.

As I went to bed that night, I was about to take my allergy pill. I took an allergy panel test recently, and it said I’m allergic to like 22 out of 27 allergens present in the area. In particular,  I’m extremely allergic to cedar, like Fr. John Mary. As I reached for the medicine, I felt the Lord tell me, “You don’t need to take those anymore, you are healed both Body and Soul.” So that night I stopped. In addition I had been taking allergy shots to get rid of my allergies, and I stopped those at the same time. Everything is normal now.

My right wrist is healed as well. Over a year ago I was doing sets on bench-press, when my wrist/hand/popped in many different places all at the same time. Resulting in nearly complete loss of function in my right wrist. Initially the doctors didn’t think I would be able to use it again. After treatment, it was at least usable, but I could barely pick up a glass of water. Eventually I went to a hand specialist in San Antonio. After checking my wrist out, he had no clue what was wrong with it. So at that point I left it at as I messed up, and I would have to deal with this mistake the rest of my life. 

Fast forward almost a year later to before the retreat, and now I could use my wrist. But when it came to lifting or moving sizable objects, my wrist would seem to lose all its strength, pop, and then my strength would come back. And I knew that if I did anything extensive with weight, I would be in danger of injuring my wrist all over again. One day, after the retreat, when we were doing our exercise routine as a community, Br. Mikael asked if I would be willing to do pull ups, and I said that I would give it a try. Before the healing, I vowed to never do pull ups again because I hurt my right wrist beyond natural repair. But I went ahead and did the pull ups, trusting my wrist was healed. After exercise was over, I did about 30 pull ups and my wrist didn’t hurt afterwards. 

Last, but most important, I believe the Lord when He said that I was healed in my soul. I believe this to be that my soul was washed of its sin, and that anything hindering me from being in union with God was removed. Of all that was healed, this is truly the most important. Because a person can be healed of everything, but if the soul is not one of them then I could still end up in the ring of fire.

 I believe I was healed because of 3 main reasons. The first being it was God’s Will. The second being I had Faith; I believed what the Lord said could be done. The Third being I obeyed, and did what He told me to do. Because the reality is, I’m just a sinful human being like the rest of the world. So God’s Will, Faith, and obedience is what allowed this to happen. I truly believe that if it is God’s Will, you have faith, and obey him, that similar things can happen to any of us.

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