Tepeyac Hill Part 1

When our Community purchased this property in 2004, one of our first actions was to consecrate it to Jesus and His Blessed Mother. On December 12, 2004, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 200 people followed her Image in procession to a wooded hillside in the interior of the property.  There the property was consecrated, and soon a permanent image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was installed there.  The location was named Marian Hill.

original consecration

original consecration

As we began to develop the property and a masterplan for construction, Marian Hill remained untouched. Among the many projects on our Wish List was a place in which to hold large outdoor Masses. Different spots were proposed, but since there were always more pressing needs, a final decision was never made. Then the Lord made the decision for us.

In February, 2017 we began to sense that our Lord wanted us to build an outdoor sanctuary or shrine on Marian Hill where Mass could be held on special occasions. We sensed that Marian Hill was very special to Him and that we should rename the hill Tepeyac, in honor of the hill on which Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to St. Juan Diego.

This sanctuary is to be called a Teocalli, which means “House of God” in the language spoken by St. Juan Diego. (Our Lady of Guadalupe asked Juan Diego to build a Teocalli for Her on Tepeyac Hill.)

The Teocalli’s location on the hillside became a subject of intense discussion, with several different sites put forward. One day, Sr. Amapola was walking on Tepeyac, when she sensed the Lord was asking her to search for three white flowers, and that these flowers would indicate the location where He wanted the Teocalli. Sister searched the wooded hillside but couldn’t find any white flowers anywhere.  She came across a tiny, insignificant white flower and two others still in bud, but moved on thinking those could not be it.  But soon we sensed the Lord confirming that these were the flowers.

MDM has a well-earned reputation for taking a long time to make a decision and take action. However, within a week of deciding on the location, heavy machinery began rolling through our gate: road graders, bulldozers and dump-trucks. Companies that were booked solid for months in advance, suddenly had cancellations and could come out immediately. Machines referred to as “cedar-eaterr” turned the densely-packed cedar trees into ground covering mulch in a matter of days. In less than two weeks, roads had been widened and the hillside cleared.

  We were astounded, but at the same time, we felt the Lord’s hand directing it all. The Lord also provided the generous individuals who stepped forward with amazing donations of time, machinery and money. We have several benefactors to thank for moving this project forward so quickly.