Peter becomes a Novice

On Pentecost Sunday Bill Roderique became a novice of the Consecrated Lay branch of MDM taking the name Peter of the Heart of Jesus and Mary.  He is our first consecrated lay man.  We will post more about this branch soon.  Below is a little biography that Fr. John Mary asked Peter to write.

I am the 5th child of 10 children born to Deacon Ray and Kathleen Roderique.  My parents remained married for over 50 years and are both now deceased.  My early childhood was typical for a child in a large Catholic family; never enough food or Christmas presents.


Somewhere back about 1970:

My Parents started a Charismatic prayer group that met in our home once a week.  I was just 10 years old and attended more because of the pot luck treats that were available after the meetings.  Still, the Holy Spirit worked His Love and before I knew it I was a fully participating member of the prayer ministry (gift of tongues and all).


About 14 years old I felt the call to the Priesthood and following meetings with local priests and our Pastor, I attended Divine Word Seminary.  Unfortunately, after only 1 Semester, I became a teenager and I discovered girls.  I dropped out of the Seminary and began attending public High School.


I became a very worldly person.  The latter part of the 1970s and 1980s were a blur of chasing material gain and sin.  I was very successful in the eyes of the world.  I achieved qualification as a Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate, got selected for Officer’s training at Villanova University, received a degree in Computer Science from University of Maryland, married, raised two girls, and was building up a retirement fund.  Basically, I was doing all of the things that the world says are important to a “Good Life”.


I was living a very heathen existence.  I had not included God in any of my decisions.  It was not until we decided to get married in the Church that I even began attending Church again.  Thankfully, my mother (God rest her soul) continuously prayed for me and my brothers and sisters, or I fear that we all might have been lost.


Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, I slowly became more involved with the Church.  I even became youth minister for a small parish in Hurt, VA.  This was one of the happiest moments of my life, because I got to experience true Charity and Joy along with one of my daughters and the rest of the youth, as we assisted the elderly or built Habitat for Humanity houses.  During this time, I also received my Masters degree in Engineering Administration from Virginia Tech.  Unfortunately, as I was drawing closer to God and to my faith, my wife was drifting away from hers.  In 2008 she asked for a divorce and our marriage has since been annulled.


I am convinced that one of the biggest contributors to my return to the church and to my faith were the prayers of my mother.  She was rock steady and devout in her faith.  She was Charismatic and had been used-by and had witnessed many miracles of the Holy Spirit.  She was an example of true faith to all who knew her.


About this point (mid 2000s), my mother, after reading the Diary of St. Faustina, made of herself a sacrifice that immediately began, and is still, producing fruit for the Lord.  She offered to suffer for the Lord in exchange for the salvation of her children.  Shortly afterwards, she was diagnosed with cancer, from which she would eventually die.  And although she obeyed all the well-meaning orders from her doctors, daughters and sons, she openly accepted the fact that this was God’s will and its likely outcome.  She was quite lucid right up until the last day and was able to say goodbye to each of her children.  She was taken home to God on a Saturday at 3pm (the hour of Divine Mercy) with all 10 of her children surrounding her bed and praying the Chaplet together.  Her blessed death was just one of many fruit produced by her selfless sacrifice.


My little sister Colleen and my father (Deacon Ray who has since passed away) started a Charismatic prayer group at our parish in October 2013, and I felt a call to attend.  The meetings quickly became the highlight of my week.


In June (2014) I attended a spirit-filled conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.  During this conference, I was prayed over and received an outpouring of Joy from the Holy Spirit.  The changes were noticeable almost immediately.  Several people commented on the ride back that I was "radiant", and the effects lasted for over a year.  I could feel the love of the Holy Spirit and it was indeed radiating outward to others.


My life has taken on some dramatic changes since that day.  My perspectives on the world and on my life have changed.  To quote Saint Paul, “Things that I once considered as gains, I now consider as loss.”  I lost any satisfaction from my work life and from my non-work life.  These activities were not drawing me closer to God and the love (Joy) that I had been feeling, but rather were a distraction.  The only satisfying activities were the weekly prayer meetings.  In these, I could truly feel the Peace of the Holy Spirit.


Over the next two years, I began to sense inspirations from the Holy Spirit and as a result of acting on them I began to produce fruit for Him.  This was a very rewarding and filling experience.  I remember one such experience, where I was inspired to approach a young man and offer to pay his way to a Charismatic conference.  He struck me as an odd fellow, and as such I was not at all wanting to act on this inspiration.  But the Holy Spirit was insistent, and so I gave in.  Long story short, at least in part because of that one act, this young man went on to join the Seminary!


The Holy Spirit also led me to increase my daily prayer life, to attend Adoration, and to increase my spiritual reading.  I’m pretty certain that I’ve read more “lives of the Saints” in the past two years than in all my previous years combined!


I got laid off from my job at the beginning of October 2015.  I felt relief.  Yes, it was a little scary to leave a 30 year career, but I was convinced that this was part of God's plan for me, and that whatever direction he was leading me, I was going to pray for his will to be known and for the courage to follow that will...


I thought to myself, “Lord, I’ve been doing things MY WAY all of my life and look how it has turned out.  It is about time that I start by asking you for YOUR WAY” for my life.


I could go into great lengths to share with you all the miraculous events that transpired to bring me to this Mission and to convince me that this is where He wanted me, but let me just say that, I have no doubt that the Lord has called me to be a part of this Mission and to advance to the next level in my spiritual growth.