"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 2

Rest for Your Souls is a retreat developed for the Staff here at the Mission, but we would like to share it with all of our friends.

To make the retreat, you are invited to set aside 3-4 hours on each of three days, when you can spend time with the Lord. They can be any set of days and times that are convenient for you. This is your retreat.

At the beginning of your retreat time you are invited to read that day's Reflection as if it was Jesus Who was speaking to you. 

Your retreat time can include Holy Mass, Adoration, Confession, quiet times at home, walks in nature, or all of the above. It is up to you. And Our Lord.




My children, how happy I am to spend this time with you, and how much I am able to do in your souls, even in this brief time :) Let this encourage you :)


Today, My little ones, I wish us to spend it in company with the Most Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Love and of Union, the One Who unites trhe Mystery of God – the Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity. And Who unites you to Us. The Bond of Love.


The true Divine Love that proceeding from the Heart of the Father fills and envelops all that is created; and gives life and joy to all. This Divine Love that is the flame at the center of your souls and that I want it to blaze like the furnace of My Heart.


How little this Love is understood – and how many other “fires” are lit in the hearts of My children in place of this Holy and Divine Love, all pure, all joy.


Today, little ones, let us reflect on those false fires that you may have burning in you and that, burning a “false” or unclean fuel, because it does not come from Me, creates smoke and stench and unhappiness in you; and that cause confusion to your emotions.


Satan is the expert false-fire lighter – he extinguishes My Fire in souls through sin and pride; he offers the different false fuels of empty promises of happiness, of success, of love, of pleasure; and then convinces you to light these fires that you may be confused by their smoke and thus he can lead you astray more easily.


Ask My Holy Spirit to come and enlighten you, and show you the pure flame of Divine Love, of Our Love, that you may be able to recognize the true from the false, and letting Him consume all other fires, that only His may reign sovereign in your heart.


The freedom of the senses and emotions can only come by desiring the True and Divine Love that is Ours and that We wish to see burning in you.


Before original sin, the emotions were perfectly ordered and subject to this Divine Love – they originated in Our Love, they were an expression of Our Love.


But now, after the great fall and separation from Us, the emotions have been left vulnerable and weak, tending always downward, away from Me, unless you choose to subject them to Me.


It is hard work to do this, children, I know, for I too lived this battle – I became like you, lived your struggles in all things but sin. That you could always look at Me, and know how to act and live. So that you remember and are not afraid to come to Me in your weakness because I understand.


How do you subject your emotions, feeling, to Me?


First, you ask My Holy Spirit to help you see what fuels your emotions and feelings right now – and beg Him to show you His Love so that you can compare and, like an expert jeweler, discard all false “jewels” that have a beautiful appearance, but are in reality false.


And as on the First Day [of the retreat], bring them to Me and let Me consume them in the Fire of Love, that only My Love may burn in you, the pure and holy Love that illuminates and fills everything with its fragrance of Heaven.


Then, My children, give Me your feelings and emotions and let ME put them in their proper place and order.


Your cooperation is your faith and your docility to My Will. When you give Me, entrust to Me, your feelings and emotions, then I can put My Seal upon them and guard them.


My little ones, you in turn will help many to see many of the false “gods” that they have made of feelings and emotions, and will be able to show them how to get rid of them and receive My Love, My teaching, My Truth.


Do not worry if you do not understand – just try to do what I ask of you, as best you can. That is all. The rest, I will do, in the hiddenness and darkness of faith.


How much I love you!


By giving Me your emotions and feelings you will be free from the tyranny that Satan inflicts on you through these.


The freedom of the mind through Faith; the freedom of the feelings/emotions through Truth.


“The Truth shall set you free.”


My beloved ones, I Am the Truth and I wish to set you free.


Come and drink the pure and copious waters of Truth that come forth from My Heart and that My Holy Spirit wishes to raise up in you as well. Living fountains of Truth for My famished children.


I bless you, My beloved children. To each I will give light during these days, in order for you to understand more fully My designs in these times.


My Love is always around you :)


Come to Me ♥