"Rest for Your Souls" Retreat: Day 3

Rest for Your Souls is a retreat developed for the Staff here at the Mission, but we would like to share it with all of our friends.

To make the retreat, you are invited to set aside 3-4 hours on each of three days, when you can spend time with the Lord. They can be any set of days and times that are convenient for you. This is your retreat.

At the beginning of your retreat time you are invited to read that day's Reflection as if it was Jesus Who was speaking to you. 

Your retreat time can include Holy Mass, Adoration, Confession, quiet times at home, walks in nature, or all of the above. It is up to you. And Our Lord.




My beloved little children, children of My Heart –

Today it is I, the Father, your Abba, Who speaks to you and Who invited you to spend the day with Me.


Very few think of Me and fewer still give Me their time. They forget that as a Father, the One and True Father, My Heart is especially sensitive to the love of My children.


Little ones, how fettered down I see all of My children – fettered down with their own ideas of Who I am, of what is pleasing to Me, of what it means to be Mine.


I want you to be free of that – to have the full freedom of My children, who love Me simply as a Father is loved.


Sin and suffering caused by sin has marred the Image of Fatherhood as I want it, as it is in Me and as I wish to share it with My children. 


How much pain you have had to bear because these relationships between you and your earthly fathers has been damaged and wounded by sin and the hatred of My enemy – our enemy.


This is why, little ones, I wish you to know Me, to love Me, to let Me heal you in this relationship with Me as My children, that your hearts may be free to soar up to Me and receive My full embrace of love.


My children, I Am God. And I Am your Father. I Am simple :), and created you to be simple too – hearts capable of receiving My Love and of loving Me in return. Everything, children, is reduced to this. Everything I have done and will do has had this purpose, this intention in mind: to give My Love to My children and for My children to love Me and know Me.


After original sin, how many veils descended with the shadows of sin and fallen humanity. Your ability to see Me clearly was damaged and diminished to a minimum. And how My enemy has rejoiced over this – over all the distortions he has caused in the Image you see of Me.


For centuries, children, My little ones, I have been healing, restoring, unveiling, illuminating your Image of Me – with the different outpourings of My Grace making you more and more capable of receiving My Light.


When one’s sight has been wounded, it cannot bear the full light it must be accustomed to it little by little.


My Jesus came to restore you to My Grace and to My embrace, and to give you a visible, living, breathing example of what it means to be My children.


His Words are simple, true, and with unsoundable depths of Grace, of Mystery, of Love.


How did He act with Me? How did He speak to Me?


With love and simplicity; with a complete trust and absolute obedience.


This is how I want you to love Me, to know Me – as My littlest children, letting Me carry you close to My Heart; and letting Me speak words of tenderness to your ear; and letting Me show you My wonders, as a Father shows His child all the beauty He has created for him.


Give Me this Joy, little ones :)


And you will have the full freedom – the sovereign, holy, Royal freedom of My true children. Come close to Me today, and let Me teach you Who I truly Am; how much I love you; how happy you make Me with little things – how simple it is to be with Me.


Let Me free your heart, I need them :)


Then, together, We will help so many others to also know Me and restore the Image of My Fatherhood in the hearts of all My children.


How much I love you!