In putting together a few pages on our Community history there are many different stories that could be told.  This account focuses on Fr. John Mary, our founder, but it is only a brief overview.  For a more complete recounting of how he was led to found the Mission of Divine Mercy, you will have to read his book---which is in the process of being written.

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An Interior Visit


In 1960 Robert Foster (now Fr. John Mary) grew up a normal kid in a large Catholic family in Morgantown, West Virginia.  After highschool he attended Notre Dame University.  It was there that he had a profound Marian experience that would change his life.  

It happened over the course of several weeks or months rather than all at once.  A presence was gradually revealing itself.   It was as if someone had come to visit me.  But an interior visit, an experience I’d never had.  I didn’t have any kind of vision or hear any words.  But I knew who it was.  It was Mary.  

The book, “Our Lady speaks to Her beloved priests”, played a large part in this Marian experience.  It impacted me in a way nothing else I’ve read has... it was not just because of the words, but because the powerful action I was experiencing within me corresponded to what was in the book.  I would go into the chapel, or rather I was drawn into it,  each morning and each evening and read one entry, slowly, meditating on it...
...The book also spoke of the situation of the world and of the Church.  The description was realistic and clear in speaking about the corruption of faith and morals...Yet this was not in the harsh or cynical or discouraging tones of much of the conservative cultural commentary I read.  It was with mercy, not animosity.
The book also spoke of the dangers of our times and the tribulation that was approaching.  Warnings of much suffering.  Yet without gory details to feed the imagination.  And the messages radiated HOPE. We need hope so much! Beyond the tribulation, they announced a great renewal,  the triumph of God and His children.
The book was a guide for me.  A guide both for my spiritual life, formed by Marian consecration, and a guide for understanding what was going on in the world and in the Church: the seriousness of the threat, and the consolation of hope.