“If anyone is thirsting, let him come to Me….”
(Jn 7:37)
If anyone is thirsting…
…thirsting for the Truth.
…thirsting for authentic Love.
…thirsting for God.

Jesus calls out to you.
Only HE can satisfy the deepest thirst of your soul.
Only HE gives peace.


This Encounter is for those who are thirsting…

Have you heard Him speak in silence?

We invite you to leave behind for a while the noise,
the agitation, the superficial. And enter into the
“desert”, the silence where He awaits you.

In this Encounter,  Mary, our Mother, leads us to Jesus

In this Encounter with Jesus we do not seek entertainment, or comfort.

We seek God.

It is a challenge demanding effort and sacrifice. Because God is God.

An encounter with JESUS, mysteriously present in the Eucharist.

Discover the joy of adoring Him in a silence of love.

Come and see.

“In this little Host is the solution to all the problems of the world.”  
 St. John Paul II