A Sense… But Why Now?

We are doing this because I felt a prompting from the Lord that He wants this done now.  Why now? Perhaps because of the problems and challenges our world and so many of us our experiencing.  And He wants to offer us what He Himself has experienced: the love and assistance of His Mother.

How to do it?

First let me emphasize: the important thing is your consecration.  We are offering the 33-day preparation as a resource.  Feel free to adapt it to your situation, to use it, or to ignore it.


The preparation we are offering consists in taking time every day to get know our Blessed Mother better by listening to our little meditation and praying with her.  The process looks like this:  

  1. Choose a day for Consecration:  
    1. What is traditionally done is to choose a Marian Feast day on which to make your consecration, and then begin the consecration preparation 33 days before. (so if you chose the feast of our Lady of La Salette on September 19, you would begin the preparation on Aug. 17.  Click here for a non-exhaustive list of Marian Feasts) 
    2. However it is not essential that the consecration be made on a Marian Feast.  Any day is a good day to consecrate yourself to our Blessed Mother.
  2. Choose a definite time of day for doing the preparation each day.
    1. You will need 10-20 minutes daily to devote to this preparation.  Maybe for you 615-635am works well or 8-815pm.  Whatever works best for you.  Just choose a time that is consistent.
  3. Listen to meditations every day.  They will:
    1. Explain more about our Blessed Mother's role and Marian Consecration
    2. and give you instruction for meditation, prayer, and preparation


On the 34th day you are invited to go to Mass, receive Holy Communion, and during of after Communion make the Act of Consecration.  More will be explained about this in the meditations.

Aren’t There Already Good Preparations For Marian Consecrations?

Yes there are!  I suggest two very helpful ones below.  But for several reasons I felt I should do something a little different.  One reason is that the young men of the St. Michael Squadron, and many others, have a short attention span for theological reflections. I thought it would be good to offer something simpler, focusing more on persons, actions and events involving Mary’s presence in the Church.  Also, I wanted to highlight some of the saints and apparitions involving our Blessed Mother because these are helpful ways that the Lord has communicated with us throughout history.


Helpful Resources

For those who want to do additional reading about the Marian Consecration, I want to mention two books in particular.  The first is Preparation for Total Consecration [add links to this and other book?] by St Louis Marie de Montfort.  He is a saint who has been one of the greatest promoters of devotion to our Blessed Mother and an inspiration for many of us.  The second book is by Fr Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.  He has developed an updated program of Marian Consecration, following St Louis Marie and other saints, in his very recent 33 Days to Morning Glory.  

I heartily recommend both of these books.  They have been very helpful to me in preparing this.  They could be used together with this program that we are presenting.  Or they could be used afterwards, as a helpful way to follow-up and deepen the sense of consecration. 

Also I want to recommend Blessed John Paul II’s encyclical Mother of the Redeemer.

Finally, for an official summary of the Church’s teaching about Mary, we are providing as a reference in a separate document, key passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  I recommend that you read them when you have a chance.

“And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home.”

Jn 19:27

This disciple, St. John, received Mary into his home and into his life.  May you experience the blessings of doing the same.



I’m not a theologian or a Scripture scholar.  And this is not a complete or systematic study.  Covering so much ground in such short daily segments, we will only have time to focus on a few points in each.  I also hesitate to offer this program, given the short time available for its preparation. However, I felt the Lord wanted me to do it anyway.  So please excuse its deficiencies.  


- Fr. John Mary Foster MDM