Mission la Divina Misericordia is Consecrated Ground, and out of respect for our Lord, His Mother, and each other please refrain from wearing:

  • shorts (men and women)
  • low cut or sleeveless shirts
  • hemlines or slits above the knee
  • tight fitting clothing

Holy Mass - Adoration - Confession

Day Mass Adoration Confession
Monday N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday - Thursday 8am 9am - 8pm Tuesday from 7pm - 8pm
Friday 8am 9am - 4pm N/A
Saturday 8am 7pm - 8pm N/A
Sunday 10am N/A 9-950am
Tue, Wed, & Thu before 3rd Saturday of month 630pm 9am - 6pm No Confession on these Tuesdays