Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Mission of Divine Mercy (MDM)?

The Mission of Divine Mercy (MDM) is a small, new community consisting of priests, religious brothers and sisters and consecrated laity, and lay persons living in the world ( see #7 Amici Christi). We are Roman Catholics.

MDM is assisted in its work by a larger community which includes staff, volunteers and all the Bethany members.


2. When was MDM founded?

MDM was founded in November of 2001 in New Braunfels, Texas. 


3. What is MDM's canonical status?

MDM is a private association of the faithful recognized by the Archbishop of San Antonio.  See letters from our Archbishops


4. What is Mission la DIvina Misericordia?

In 2004 our community purchased approximately 130 acres of land near Canyon Lake. We named our new home Mission La Divina Misericordia, but most people just know it as "the Mission." The Mission serves three main purposes: 

  • Monastery- A place where we can live, pray, work and serve. It is also a place where we can receive new vocations and provide a permanent contemplative presence.

  • Sanctuary- A place for where others many can come to pray and experience God's Mercy.

  • Retreat Center - A place where we can offer the Encounter with Jesus retreat.


5. What is MDM's ministry?

Our primary ministry is to implore God's Mercy for ourselves and our world through adoration of the Blessed Sacrament which all are welcome to participate in. Secondarily we offer silent retreats in English and Spanish called an Encounter with Jesus which is an introduction to silent prayer and Eucharistic Adoration. 


7. What is the "Amici Christi"?

Amici Christi, which is Latin for Friends of Christ, are lay members of the MDM religious order.  They are men and women, single or married, who live and work in the world and carry the message of Divine Mercy to those they live with, work with or meet. To become an Amici Christi member is a three-and-a-half-year process and they renew their promise each year.  They meet monthly.


8. What is the Bethany Association? 

The Bethany Association is made up of people, near and far, who consider themselves friends of MDM. There are no other requirements than wanting to be a friend of the Mission. Each Sunday our Mass is offered for the intentions of our Bethany Associates.

9. How is MDM supported financially?

MDM is supported only by donations.

10. Does MDM have a board of directors?

MDM has the equivalent of a board of directors; we have a members board.

11. What is your non-profit status?

MDM is recognized as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

12. Is MDM a parish?

MDM is not a parish, nor are we a substitute for a parish.

13. Can anyone come to the Mission?

The Mission welcomes all people of good will. Because the Mission land is consecrated ground, we do ask that people abide by our request for modest dress. Please refrain from wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, low-cut necklines, hemlines or slits above the knees, or any tight or provocative clothing.

14. When is the Mission open?

Click here to see office hours, grounds hours, Mass, adoration and confession times.