Mission la Divina Misericordia is Consecrated Ground, and out of respect for our Lord, His Mother, and each other please refrain from wearing:

  • shorts (men and women)

  • low cut or sleeveless shirts

  • hemlines or slits above the knee

  • tight fitting clothing

Mass, Adoration, Confession

Notice: Since we only have one priest our daily Mass will be substituted with a Communion service when he is unable to say Mass at the usual time.
Day Mass Public Adoration Confession
Monday N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday 10am 7pm-8pm Tuesdays from 7pm - 8pm
Wed-Thurs 10am N/A N/A
Friday 8:30am at St. Thomas, Canyon Lake 3pm - 4pm N/A
Saturday 8am N/A N/A
Sunday 11am N/A 10-1050am and most Sundays 12am-1pm

For Confession…If you really want to make sure that you get to Confession, it helps to get there early! And by that we mean about 10-15 minutes before Confession is set to begin. Often there is not enough time for everyone in line to go to confession.


Office Hours:

M-F - 8am-5pm

Mission Grounds: 

Regular schedule

  • M - Closed

  • Tue-Thu - 930am-5pm and 645pm-8pm for Holy Hour (except Friday when Holy Hour is at 3pm)

  • Fri - 11am-4pm

  • Sa - 730am-10am and 645pm-8pm for Holy Hour

  • Su - 930am-2pm

When we have an EWJ retreat or Cor Jesu the Mission is closed Fri and Sat except for... 

Fri - 3pm-4pm for Adoration
Sat - 730am-9am for Mass