"Behold your Mother..."

jn 19:27



Our Lord wants to offer you one of His greatest gifts.

“Behold your Mother” [John 19, 27]

These are the words of Jesus Himself from the Cross.  At that darkest, most painful time, He was offering the gift of His Mother to His Beloved Disciple, St John.  Jesus wants to offer this same precious gift to each of us today as we shoulder our own crosses.  This gift is for all of us, ordinary people, who struggle in many ways.

Are we ready to receive and accept this gift?  What does it mean to say, “Yes.”?  Does it come with responsibilities?  

We want to offer this 33 day preparation to help each of us accept His gift. This preparation is a time to gain an understanding of what it means to say, “Yes, Mary, please be my Mother.”  Simply put, the preparation will be about getting to know Mary better, and to ready a place in our heart for her that concludes with making a solemn Act of Entrustment and Consecration to accept her as our Mother.  This simple act can begin a profound change in your life.

All ages are welcome to participate. Non-Catholics are welcome to participate.  The Lord offers His Mother to all His children.

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Here are 2 different prayers of Consecration