Tepeyac Hill Project

We have gotten a lot of questions about the Tepeyac Hill project, so this is an effort to answer the common ones...


Why Are We Building the Teocalli?

The short answer is: Because we think that God is asking us to do so.

For a long time we have wanted to have an outdoor space for special Masses or events that will allow us to accommodate larger crowds, such as on Divine Mercy Sunday. We believe that God is indicating to us that the time to do so is now.


What do Tepeyac and Teocalli mean?

Tepeyac is the name of the hill upon which Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to St. Juan Diego. She asked St. Juan Diego to build a Teocalli (house of God) on the original Tepeyac, saying:

I ardently desire that here they build me my sacred little house, a 'teocalli' – where I will reveal Him, where I will exalt Him and make Him manifest – where I will offer Him to all the people with my love, my compassionate gaze, and my help and protection.

- Nican Mopohua

We felt Teocalli was the name given for our little sanctuary, and Tepeyac for the hill it is on.


Are we building an entire church?

The Teocalli is designed to be an outdoor Sanctuary, or that part of the church with the Altar. It is not meant to be an entire chapel.


Why is it on top of the hill, isn't that inconvenient?

Flowers were super tiny

It is not the location we would have chosen, but we felt the Lord indicated that spot.

It might sound strange, but in February of 2017 we felt as if the Lord was asking us to look for 3 white flowers on Tepeyac Hill and that these flowers would indicate the place where a little sanctuary should be built...

The flowers we found were so tiny that we thought they couldn’t be the flowers He was talking about, but there were no other flowers to be found on the hill. Later we felt as if the Lord confirmed that this was the spot He wanted. Things at the Mission usually move very slowly, but almost immediately, before we even said “go,” this project began to move.

We haven't selected the location for any other buildings on our property this way. :)


Are we building anything else over there?

God willing we will build 2 additional buildings: a sacristy and a special pavilion to accommodate those who are ill, physically handicapped or elderly.


Will it be uncomfortable?

Perhaps. It will certainly be very rustic. But we believe that God will reward our sacrifices.


The Tepeyac Hill Project is an act of faith.